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With the built-in proprietary SIRA Technology, the X-mini WAVE Capsule Speaker promises to deliver a clear crisp radio broadcast without the need for an external antenna, at the same time retaining the signature look and feel as well as portability of the X-mini product range.

The stow-away 3.5mm cable means that the X-mini WAVE Capsule Speaker is compatible with and able to perform its speaker function on an array of devices from music players to laptops to mobile phones.

The Bass Xpansion System, seen across all X-mini products, continues to offer good quality sound while you are able to either blast out loud when you are in a group of friends or turn down for easy listening on your own with the volume control function. The built-in battery is charged via USB, with each two hour charge offering up to six hours in playback time.

The popular Buddy-Jack function of the X-mini products has also been incorporated in the X-mini WAVE Capsule Speaker which means you can plug in a daisy-chain of X-mini Capsule Speakers while catching your favourite radio programmes.

Above and beyond all the fundamental features of the X-mini product, users will now also be able to enjoy an additional option of tuning in their preferred radio stations. The X-mini WAVE Capsule Speaker is also capable of remembering the last radio station you were tuned into, which means each time you turn the product on, it will bring you back to where you left off.